Lux Moderna is a sonically-oriented alchemical priestess in service to ritual, performance and community. She is an artist that embodies and expresses her divine gifts in order to elevate others into their own embodiment of Truth. As a star rising on the West Coast, Lux has inspired and uplifted witnesses through her voice and her music at transformational festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering: Pyramid Eclipse, Sonic Bloom, Burning Man and beyond. Lux consciously and artistically transmutes sound, light and consciousness into experiences of activation and resonance. She focuses her energy into electronic music production, singing, chanting, yoga, education and healing on all scales of existence. She specializes in bass music, mantra, ceremony design and facilitation, neuroscience, mythology, and alchemical art. Lux Moderna is dedicated to a conscious, heart-centered experiential approach to facilitating mass entrainment with the creative essence of the universe


Lux Moderna composes experimental electronic bass music with female vocals. Attending to musica universalis

- the music of the spheres -

and transmitting her love through singing is her utmost desire and priority.


Lux Moderna is ultimately in support of healing on all scales of existence.

She facilitates the alignment and integration of multi-dimensional consciousness through yogic practices such as mantra, breath, and meditation.


Lux Moderna has over ten years of experience studying the practices and philosophies of esoteric and scientific traditions. She specializes in neuroscience, psychology, unified field theory, mythology and symbolism.

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 Background Photo by Nina Noel